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Public relations play an important role in assisting businesses by forming good relationship with customers. Public relation means establishing and maintaining the relationship between an organization and its audience.

Public relation involves assessing and supervising the public attitudes and upholds common relation, understanding between public and an organization. One of the main roles of the public relation professional is to develop the channel of communication and organize understanding with proper information. Public relation is efficient in helping politicians who entice the vote, raise money, and make public image and legacy; corporations who communicate the information about their products and services to potential customers; and corporations who reach local government and legislators. Moreover, it also helps the nonprofit organization that includes school; hospitals, social service agencies etc. to enhance the support of their programs such as fund raising programs, awareness programs, and to increase patronage of their services.

Different techniques are used in today’s time to maintain public relations such as polling, opinion, and focus groups to assess public opinion. Variety of high tech techniques are combined for distributing information on behalf of their clients that includes the satellite, feeds, internet, database-driven phone banks and broadcast faxes. In all the organization, public image is must and the role of public relation experts becomes relevant in crises. In today’s time, Public Relations course is present in the educational institution and as a career; it is present in government institutions and private companies that actively market the services, product, and facilities.

Brand experience marketing means many different things to different people in the advertising industry. In other words, we can say that it means assimilation of brands into individual’s life styles by adding value to experience of the consumer’s brand by engaging rather than barge in.

The organization relationship with the stakeholders is called public affairs. People who have interest in the organization’s affair include MPs, civil servants, clients, shareholders, customers, trade association, business groups, think tanks, union and the media. Public affairs practitioner unites with stakeholders to explain the organization policies, provide realistic and arithmetical information to support the issues that affect upon the organization’s ability to operate successfully. Their work includes media communication, government relations, issue management, corporate and social responsibility information distribution and strategic communication advice. With the stakeholders, they want to influence the public policy and maintain a good reputation.

Thus, we can say that public relations are related with public affairs as well as generating Brand Experience among the masses.

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Role of Public Relations

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Role of Public Relations

This article was published on 2011/07/06