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Public relation is a management function that establishes and maintains two ways, mutual relationship and communication between an organization and its public. Public could include shareholders, government, consumers, employees and the media. The main objective of public relation is to improve channels of communication and to establish new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding. Public relations are communicating your organization’s messages at the right time and in the right place to the right audience.  Public relation is the part of a marketing and communications strategy that crafts an organization’s message to its diverse publics including customers, prospects, investors, employee, suppliers, distributors, media/journalists, social media networks, the government and the public. Public relations in India has witnessed a significant growth since the early 1990s. Based on the combined research you can find the recent changes within the profession, reconfiguring economic, societal, political and global changes. This research focus on the impact of societal culture and media environment on public relations in India.

The most effective public relations are accomplished via the right choice of media. The role of media and public relations is vital for survival of any business. The most effective medium available for advertising today has multiple options. Right from billboards to electronic media to select print media to sponsoring events, banners, in-flight and ground, radio, cinema slides the list is endless for reaching the targeted group. Its optimum use helps a company to advertise correctly. Public relation communicates the news, receives the news, influences the news and responds the news via media. It is a communication hub of an organization. IT influences and shapes a company image, brand, reputation, goodwill and culture. Public relation connect a brand and its public via direct message or editorial media including print, radio, digital video, broadcast and social media. The main goal of public relation is to create, maintain and protect the organization’s reputation, enhance its prestige and present favorable image. As per the studies it is found that public relation have a definite impact on sales and revenue. It can be a effective part of a company’s in over all marketing strategy.

In India Public relations as a separate career option which has came into existence when lots of private or government companies and institution felt the need to market their product and services. It is highly strategic discipline that integrated with marketing to achieve business goal. It complements with integrated marketing campaign with measurable results through media relations, social media, industry analyst relations, investors relation and special events. Public relation function is to educate public about many things relevant to the organization including the business legislation and how to use a particular product.


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Public Relations in India

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This article was published on 2011/11/11